Corporate Identity

The image of your company is usually conveyed through a number of ways, fundamental to your image is the company logo and how it is used. It creates an instantly recognisable face to your business and products and allows you to brand every item within your business with your own stamp and trademark.

The Importance of a Strong Brand

As a business you can no longer afford to be without a solid web presence. We believe that your web site should lighten your work, generate extra publicity, income and increase brand awareness.

Your business logo is another vital part in creating a strong statement about your services or products. 507 Media Studios will work with you in order to create your corporate logo. We need to understand your needs and the image you want to present to the market and your competitors.

Together we will create a logo that will represent your company's values and market position. Apart from creating your corporate logo, we are also able to create a full set of business cards, letterheads or envelopes in order to represent your newly created corporate identity. You will be a step forward from your competitors.