E-commerce Development

New Business Channels

Having an E-commerce web site or online store can be a wonderful new channel for your business to flourish. However the process of creating one can be a daunting one, from choosing from the myriad of systems and options available to working out payment and tax complexities.

507 Media Studios can ease the path of selecting and setting up the right system, based upon the dynamics of your business and products. Whether you are selling products by downloads, (eBooks, guides or software) or physical items, we can assist in creating and carrying out a plan of action.

As with regular websites, an E-commerce site needs to have a great presence and be very easy to navigate. The web site needs to allow its clients to enjoy using the site and feel like they want to come back again in the future, so all stages of the transaction should work smoothly.

We understand that taking the order is just one aspect of the process, and we like to assist our clients in making sure that they have everything they need to carry out the transaction as efficiently as possible, from linking into their existing systems to offering support to their clients after the sale.